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Fashion is a feeling

Grove Lane is the crossroads where innovative and conscious design meets practical function, engaging with a community of like-minded creative individuals who appreciate both tradition and the hunger to create a better world - - who stand for one thing: the ability to transcend above the rest, rising above to create designs that make a difference. 

Our Philosophy 

At Grove Lane we place a strong emphasis on high-quality, handcrafted accessories, each product designed with integrity and attention to detail. We ensure the highest quality of production at every touch point, having all accessories produced at our New York City studio.

We aim to create a world of beautiful accessories that stand for more than what the eye sees, each design reflecting our fascination with the free spirit behind all works of art.


Our Accessories 

Creating a leather tie is no simple feat. Using supple leather exclusively sourced from Italy, we’re committed to creating innovative and thoughtful accessories that enhance your current relationship with the clothes you wear.

Each tie is carefully and intentionally designed for the sartorial type as a means to embody the unifying theme of fashion, music and literature that inspires each Grove Lane design, while still remaining true to a unique and personal style.

Where it All Began...

Falcon Cara (Co-Founder):
"Growing up in New York City I was always surrounded by art and creativity. Oil painting and drawing were my first loves, but as I grew into those awkward teen years I found myself constantly teased--for being too skinny. I felt exposed and ashamed of not fitting into other people's standards of who they thought I should be, and found it unbearable to feel comfortable in my own skin. However I soon found myself buried within the pages of glossy fashion magazines, that to me portrayed the power and confidence of style and the freedom that comes with self-expression. inspired by this outlook of fashion as art, I embarked on my own journey of creative self-expression through developing my own personal style. I now finally express the person I am, not who others want me to be."  

Anthony Gill (Co-Founder): "Ever since I was 5 years old, music has been an integral part of my life, particularly being influenced by the likes of Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. I've always been inspired by the ability music has to conjure an array of feelings unlike any other art form. In my teens I was inspired by the power of personal style that so many musicians embody, which has completely shaped my view of fashion and style. Since then fashion has been a vehicle for my own self-expression, has given me self confidence and has helped me feel more like myself."


The Meaning Behind the Name "Grove Lane"

Falcon: The significance of the name Grove Lane came from the night Anthony and I met at a lounge bar, in the West Village on New Years Eve. It was on Grove Street, and Anthony was wearing a leather tie the night we met. It always stood out for me because I had never met someone as stylish as him, and that tie was something that attracted me to him that night. Fast forward to a few years later, when we were conceiving ideas for a business and we wanted something truly unique. I instantly remembered the leather tie the night we met, and knew we had to create a business around that since it held so much significance for us.

Official Bio 

In 2011 Anthony and Falcon officially founded Grove Lane. Both having creative backgrounds in fashion and music, as well as a penchant for beautifully designed pieces, they spent years traveling abroad to learn the craft of leather working and sourcing before putting Grove Lane’s debut collection into production with the hopes of inspiring others to express their true selves.

Grove Lane is for the sartorialist, musician, writer, or those who dream to be. 

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